Welcome to week 5 - Politics.

In the video clip below, Dr Adam Behr introduces his lecture on popular music and politics.

Discussion task:

In his introductory video, Adam talks about the many different ways politics intersects with popular music, whether in the form of public policy, the identity politics of marginalised groups, or at the global level, the relationships between nations. Please leave a comment below giving an example of the how politics impacts on any aspect of popular music either from your own experience or perhaps a recent news story. Feel free to share links to videos or articles. You might want to relate the question of musica and politics to some of the issues we've discussed in previous weeks, such as class, gender, or even musical semiotics.

You can find a summary of Cloonan's article on popular music and the nation state (one of this week's essential readings) on the ispopmus blog page here

Please read this article and leave a comment in the discussion space below.

(Required for all Newcastle students!)

Essential reading
Cloonan, Martin (1999), ‘Pop and the Nation-State – towards a theorisation’, Popular Music, 18(2), pp.193-207.
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Additional Reading
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