How to use this page

How do I join the course?

Anyone can view the comments and discussions on this wiki page, but to comment, you'll have to join the page.

Click the join button in the top right hand corner of the page. You'll be asked for your email address and will receive an email confirmation message. Follow the link to confirm your membership. You will then be able to add comments and start a new discussion.


Materials for each week will be updated a week in advance of each on-campus lecture - see the topic pages for dates and suggested readings. Some of the readings are only available via an institutional account - we will be posting summaries of key readings and links to other versions where possible on the blog (see link below) for non-Newcastle students.

We will always post updates on the ispopmus website asap. So whenever you want to check out what’s coming up next week, or what the latest topic is, you just need to head to Other main channels for engagement are Twitter and the ispopmus wordpress blog

Social media

Follow the course on Twitter @ispopmus, for latest tasks and posts. Follow @mattheword1 and @piper_simon on Twitter for more ispopmus links and thoughts.

#ispopmus – Follow this hashtag to keep updated on conversations on the page. Please use the #ispopmus hashtag to share your thoughts and links.

How do I know what is happening each week?

We have a timetable page that lists all the activities over the 11 weeks that the modue runs.

How do I find the tasks?

Tasks will be updated on topic pages every wednesday and clearly signposted.


Some pages on this wiki may be editable by all members. When editing material on this site here are a few things to bear in mind:

Be Safe

Don't post any personal information - phone numbers, addresses, personal emails. Keep any information that may embarrass yourself or anyone else, or worse, endanger your safety, off this page.

Be Nice

Be supportive when posting or commenting on this page. Respect the feelings and opinions of others at all times.

Be Honest

Make sure you have the necessary permissions before posting any material produced by or belonging to someone else. If you refer to someone else's ideas, whether an academic, a friend or a fellow student, make sure you have their permission and give due credit.

Be Clear

Proof read your posts before they go up to make sure you are making yourself properly understood.

Be Accurate

Make sure any information you share is accurate before you post it.

Be Relevant

Keep discussion posts on topic! Use other social media fora for discussing anything unrelated to the issues being discussed.

(Thanks to #phonar and PB educators for inspiration in designing this page).