(For on-campus students only)

This course will be assessed through a 2 hour exam at the end of semester 1 (dates are released for this during term time). The exam questions are published in the final class before the exam to enable you to prepare, but the exam will be a closed exam and therefore no books, texts or technology is allowed into the room. There are also student presentation session in the last two weeks of Semester 1.

The exam at the end of Semester 1 will comprise three compulsory sections, A, B and C. Section A will be a short section asking for brief definitions or explanations of major terms studied throughout the course. Sections B and C will both outline a choice of essay questions, from which you should answer one in each section.

The following essay topics are representative of what will appear in the exam:

1) How does the multimodal analytical framework allow for comparison between different songs?
2) Using some key Marxist terminology, outline how music is used, and can perform, social class.
3) Rock could be described as a musical genre made by men for men, outline how that statement could be understood in terms of the gendering of lyrical, musical and extra-musical content.

EXAM PAPER FOR JANUARY 2017 is uploaded and available here in December 2016