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An open undergraduate course in popular music studies

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This open course is an invitation to anyone in the world to join us at the International Centre for Music Studies in studying some of the key issues in popular music culture today. Each week we follow a topic of interest in popular music culture and we want all of you to contribute to the conversation!

Issues in Popular Music Culture is an introductory undergraduate module in popular music studies at Newcastle University's School of Arts & Cultures led by Dr. Simon McKerrell. This page is designed for anyone interested in the academic study of music to share their knowledge and ideas, and explore the central questions in popular music studies together with students and staff here at Newcastle.

Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about how music constructs gender, class, race, place, the nation and identity; we will explore how music communicates meaning and how it makes us feel, and how changes in technology, capitalism and society are realised through popular music. We will discover traditions and theoretical approaches that are unfamiliar to us and extend our knowledge of some that are already familiar.

In the following clip Dr Simon Mckerrell gives a short introduction to some of the aims of this course and the issues it will explore:

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